Builder Xcessory has the following types:

· Predefined

Correspond to UIL value types. The equivalent C/C++ representation for each pre-defined type is listed in the Type manager. You cannot delete pre-defined types from the Type Manager. Predefined types are designated by a lock icon in the Type Manager.

· User Defined

Can be added to the interface by entering user-defined types in the Type Manager or in the Type or Parameter Type text field in the Callback Editor, Procedure Editor, Identifier Editor, or Creation Routine dialog. Builder Xcessory prompts you for confirmation and then adds the new type to the Type Manager.

Note: You cannot delete user-defined types from the Type Manager if they are referenced in the current interface.

Note: User-defined types must be entered in ASCII text exactly as they should be output in C/C++ files. For example, you should enter "unsigned int" in the Add Type text field to declare an unsigned integer type for use in C/C++ procedures. Legal characters include alphanumeric characters, "_", "$", and "*".

Updating predefined and user defined types

The Type Manager lists all predefined and user defined types that exist in the interface. You can update this list immediately from the following locations:

· Identifier manager

· Procedure editor

· Callback editor

· Creation routine dialog