Flexible License Manager

Obtaining your activation key

Builder Xcessory uses the GLOBEtrotter Software Inc. Flexible License Manager (FLEXlm). When you receive Builder Xcessory, contact ICS to obtain your activation key. Based on information about your server configuration, the activation key allows you to obtain a license to run Builder Xcessory. You can run the Builder Xcessory in demo mode without a license, but you must have a license to save a session's work by writing out UIL files.

Note: If you have Builder Xcessory 1.x, 2.x, or 3.x, you must request a new activation key .

Man Pages

Refer to User Commands for man pages related to the license manager.

Note: Builder Xcessory is distributed with version 3.0 of GLOBEtrotter Software's Flexible License Manager.

Pre-existing Copies of the License Manager

If another copy of the License Manager is already installed on your system, determine which of the following cases apply to you and proceed accordingly:

· In all cases, if license . dat or an equivalent file already exists, when requesting an activation key please provide us with the hostid (s) used in that file, even if they are different from the ones you get using lmhostid .

· If your existing copy of lmgrd is version 3.0 or later, proceed with the installation according to the BX PRO 5.0 Installation Notes .

· If your version of lmgrd is earlier than 3.0, before starting the installation script, move the old copy of lmgrd out of/etc or the directory in which you intend to place the license manager. Proceed with the installation according to the BX PRO 5.0 Installation Notes .