The Widget Library that Completes Motif

We also offer EPak PRO — EnhancementPak + ChartObject + EditTable

Each EnhancementPak (EPak) widget was designed to replace or augment widgets in the standard Motif distribution. They offer simple services, such as alignment and distribution, as well as more complex functions such as color selection and pixmap edition. EPak, with ViewKit and Builder Xcessory, is included as part of the BX PRO application development suite.

EPak is the Widget Library that Helps You Build Successful Large-Scale Applications EPak contains several geometry managers and containers. Column simplifies the creation of data entry forms. Button Box can align and distribute children by simply modifying one orientation resource. Icon Button adds the ability to display and label a pixmap simultaneously. Paned offers panes with both horizontal and vertical orientations. Porthole is a "window" into a larger, obscured area, and Panner controls what the user can see through the porthole. Stretch enables end users to resize the window. Toolbar creates toolbars and offers pop-up hints. Tree and Outline offer dynamic methods for displaying hierarchical data.

Data Presentation is also facilitated with EPak's widgets. Combination Box gives end users an input field with a pull-down list of predefined values. TabStack facilitates the layout and display of tabs. Datafield handles display and entry of data as text. Extended (I18N) List supports multiple column lists using internationalized strings. Icon Box lays out its children on a grid, adding new cells automatically when its window is resized.

The EPak widget library contains many resource editors and controls. The Pixmap Editor supports common drawing functions for creating and editing bitmap graphics. The Font Selector allows end users to specify a font interactively. The Color Selector lets end users choose colors using RGB sliders or by specifying a color name from a list dynamically generated by the user's system. XiToolTip offers a library of functions that provides a generalized interface to add time-delayed, mouse activated "ToolTip" functionality to any X Toolkit widget.

EPak provides a complete and flexible set of tools for developing basic business and scientific graphs. The graphing components include Plotter, a flexible, easy-to-use container widget that provides the plotting infrastructure and defines the appearance of the axes, title, legend, etc., and a set of 11 Plot widgets for end users' business graphic needs.

"When we start a project, we begin by checking EnhancementPak to see what widgets we'll use instead of writing our own. It has completely changed the way we develop software and saved us months of coding time." -Eric Schott, Nortel Networks (formerly Bay Networks)