Replay Xcessory

The Comprehensive Testing Environment for X/Motif Applications

Replay Xcessory combines true widget awareness, a non-proprietary scripting language, and automatic synchronization to provide object-based capture/playback verification of your most sophisticated applications.

Replay Tests Your Applications Faster and with Greater Accuracy than Any Other Testing Tool Available Today
Because Replay Xcessory minimally instruments the application under test (AUT), and in only the most effective place, the X ToolKit library (Xt), your tests are completed rapidly and with the least amount of impact on the application. There are no additional libraries to link and no modifications to source code. Since Replay Xcessory does not require X server instrumentation, it runs on any X terminal or X server.

Tests are easily created in Replay by automatically recording interactions with the application. Users can record two applications simultaneously in a single test case. Replay automatically generates pass and fail reports. It also offers batch and interactive playback options. Playback runs in the background, leaving your workstation free.

Replay Xcessory features flexible snapshots. The widget-based snapshots capture any widget resource to use for verification during playback. To select widgets to capture, simply point and click. Replay allows the user to choose which types of widgets to capture – all widgets, visible widgets, all widgets in one window or any individual widget. Replay also offers the option of image-based snapshots. The user can capture a bitmap image of any window or screen region.

Captured in standard TCL scripting, Replay Xcessory provides an open solution for testing distributed systems, applications and data. Replay uses the same language for recording and programming scripts. Replay supports any X Toolkit Application, including Motif, Athena, OLIT, third party widgets, custom widgets and many third party GUI builders.