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ICS training keeps you on the leading edge of technology. We have put together an unparalleled set of lab-oriented courses which present the subject matter in an understandable yet intense manner. We are recognized for both the excellence of our instructors and the caliber of our students. To date we have provided training services to over half of the Fortune 500, including dozens of companies whose technology defines their core business.

Introduction to the X Window Programming and Motif (5 days)

C programming and basic UNIX skills

What you should be able to say before taking this course:

  • I know what a Makefile does and how to use one
  • I know vi, emacs or xedit
  • I have a good knowledge of C programming and how pointers and structures work in C
  • I know the UNIX operating system well enough to get around move and copy files, look at a directory listing and compile a C program

What you will be able to say following the course:

C++ for non-C Programmers (5 days)

This is intended for students who have programming experience in a modern programming language and require an introduction to the C++ programming language.

One year of programming experience using a modern programming language. NOTE: Students whose only experience is with COBOL or with scripting languages (e.g. HTML, XML, JavaScript) should first take an introductory course in C before taking a course in C++.

Course Outline