Advanced X and Motif Programming with Special Topics (5 days)

Prerequisites: C, UNIX, Xlib, and Xt programming experience

What you should be able to say before taking this course:

  • I know how to write basic Xlib, XT, and Motif programs
  • I know how to manipulate Widget Resources

What you should be able to say before taking this course:

  • I understand how to program with the new New Motif 1.2 Features like Drag and Drop
  • I know how Inter-Process Communication works in X and Xt
  • I can write a Multi-Display Application
  • I can write new widgets for any Xt-based widget class, including Motif
  • I understand Xt Subclassing Mechanisms
  • I understand Xt Widget Internals
  • I understand many of the issues in Motif Widget Subclassing
  • I understand Xt Translations and Actions
  • I understand Geometry Management in Xt
  • I understand how to write new Motif Compound Widgets
  • I can write new Motif widgets which support: Motif Visual Characteristics [3D look], Virtual Keysyms and Translations, Keyboard Traversal, Compound String Handling, Synthetic Resources
  • I understand X Protocol Extensions
  • I understand Xlib Error Handling
  • I understand the Use of Color in X
  • I understand Keyboard Focus and Grabs
  • I understand Private Xt Event Loops
  • I understand the ICCCM: the Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual
  • I know how to improve the performance of my X, Xt, and Motif applications


Course Outline:

Days One and Two — Widget Writing and Subclassing Motif Widgets
Day One — X graphics translations, actions, and resources
Day Two — X server extensions, Advanced use of color in X
Day Three — Motif 2.1 update
Day Four — Advanced Xlib, Advanced Xt including drag and drop
Day Five — UI design topics, animation, tools