Comprehensive Table Display and Editing

EditTable, the leading commercial table widget, gives developers and end users a powerful and efficient tool for displaying and interacting with tabular data. EditTable is a Motif-compliant widget for providing comprehensive table editing and display capabilities.

The Ideal Tool For Displaying High-Performance, Flexible Data Tables in Your Application EditTable features a comprehensive table layout with flexible data formatting. Data can be any of the atomic types (int, long, float, string, etc.) or a special pointer data type for composite data such as dates or times. EditTable has resources for controlling all aspects of the table's appearance including colors, fonts, titles, number of rows/columns, row/column labels, grid line style and margins.

The user has complete cell, row and column control. Labels can be automatic spreadsheet-style, application supplied or row and column annotations. Furthermore, the user can control the action to take when text overflows the cell size, e.g. show overflow marker, overflow into the next cell, etc.

In-place editing of table values is available with EditTable. It supports insert, delete, cut, copy and paste operations on rows and columns. Users can cut, paste and move cell values interactively via drag and drop. Cells can be designated as read-only or as fully editable. Columns can be sorted using a user-defined comparator function.

Display speed is where EditTable really scores over the competition - it's the preferred solution in response-critical applications. EditTable's optimized redrawing algorithms minimize redrawing, scrolling and table population times. It is capable of over 1,500 updates per second.

Data handling is very flexible with EditTable, and includes the ability to handle native C data types and pointers. Moreover, if you are displaying data from a database, its dataless tables dramatically reduce memory requirements. Data displayed in EditTable can be linked dynamically to views in other tables or ChartObject charts. EditTable supports live links to real-time data.

EditTable integrates tightly with ChartObject, a 2D/3D charting library, to provide comprehensive 2D and 3D charting functionality in one package, including combination plots and multiple views. Dynamically linking tables and charts is simple with EditTable and ChartObject – users can visualize tables of data simply by selecting the data, and dragging and dropping it onto a chart!