Modular Program Development

CodeCenter provides an Interactive Workspace and incremental linker, both of which significantly accelerate the edit-to-execute cycle. Together, these features allow a unit-based approach to program development so that you can build your program in a modular fashion. CodeCenter also brings automatic static and run-time error checking to this cycle, which enhances code quality and minimizes subsequent debugging time. As a result, software engineers can build complex applications quickly, with full confidence in meeting code quality and delivery targets.

CodeCenter is a Complete, Tightly-Integrated Tool Suite for Faster Delivery of Superior Quality Code

CodeCenter is the proven, professional solution for prototyping, building, testing, debugging, enhancing and maintaining UNIX C programs. The Interactive Workspace provides "on-the-fly" prototyping and experimentation. It interpretively executes any C statement or block of statements. The dynamic graphical browsers are ideal for understanding complex code.

CodeCenter also features an incremental linker that modifies files without relinking the entire program. This reduces turnaround time to a few seconds, even for large programs. The linker can link any mix of source and object modules.

In addition, CodeCenter incorporates an advanced, integrated debugger for rapid debugging. The debugger extends breakpoints and watchpoints to execute temporary C language "actions" in the workspace. It attaches to running processes, debugging linked executables. CodeCenter's automatic static and run-time error detection indicates the error type and location of more than 250 types of errors, including more than 80 run-time errors. It also detects inter-module inconsistencies not reported by the UNIX linker.

CodeCenter easily integrates with UNIX tools such as make, vi and emacs. Emacs editor integration allows access to all CodeCenter functions from within emacs. The application supports the leading preprocessors, including preprocessors for embedded SQL. CodeCenter also features a migration path to C++ and object-oriented programming.