The Professional GUI Builder for UNIX and Linux

BX PRO is the industry's most powerful graphical user interface (GUI) builder. It offers the complete set of features needed to develop and manage GUI projects of any size from start to finish, giving developers the most effective object-oriented development environment available. The unique, fully WYSIWYG visual environment of BX PRO makes this power accessible to both novices and experts alike. Whether you are developing in C or C++, BX PRO is the tool to use to accelerate your development while creating sophisticated and easy to use interfaces.

BX PRO Integrates Three Best-of-Breed Tools to Create an Unparalleled Application Development Suite:

  • Builder Xcessory: The industry's most advanced GUI builder for Motif
  • ViewKit: An application framework for developing Motif and C++ applications
  • EnhancementPak: A set of 34 reusable components including business graphs and controls

User interfaces are time consuming to develop well, require expert development knowledge, tend to be changed frequently and are particularly vulnerable to degeneration into spaghetti code, creating a maintenance nightmare. Given these factors, it is no wonder that projects often spend over 30% of their effort on the GUI alone! With BX PRO, you will quickly deliver intuitive, effective and robust user interfaces for even the most demanding projects.

BX PRO speeds GUI development and reduces the need for specialized expertise with the WYSIWYG development environment. Projects gain flexibility by being able to utilize a broader skill set of developers. BX PRO generates readable, maintainable and modifiable code. Users can implement changes quickly and review them with the end users, eliminating those misunderstandings that result in lengthy delays.

ICS' customers regularly find that BX PRO saves them upward of 50% of the time that they had planned for GUI development. With the full burden cost of a software developer costing upwards of $100,000, and with even small GUI projects taking 3+ months to complete by handcoding, this translates into a savings of between $10,000 and $20,000 the very first time you use BX PRO. You will pay back the investment well before you are done with your very first project!