Converters & Migration

ICS offers several tools that will let you migrate from software that does not meet your needs to current industry standards while retaining the value of your code. For more information on these products or ICS' migration and porting services, please contact us.

Sun DevGuide

Convert from Sun DevGuide to BX PRO Builder Xcessory provides an "Import GIL" option on all UNIX platforms. This allows BX PRO to directly import GIL version 3 (GIL-3) files. If you have GIL-2 files, you can convert them to GIL-3 by reading them into Devguide Version 3 and then saving them. The Import GIL option is not available on Linux platforms. However, you can do the conversion on a UNIX platform and then transfer the BX UIL file to Linux for further development using BX PRO.

XView Migration

Migrating Your XView Applications to Motif Sun Microsystems no longer ships the C header files required to recompile applications built with the XView GUI toolkit. As a result, developers maintaining legacy XView-based applications need to migrate their applications to the industry-standard Motif toolkit to stay current with Sun's latest hardware and software. To help make this migration quick and easy, ICS has developed a full service solution that combines proprietary tools with ICS' Motif expertise.


Migrate from RapidApp to BX The RapidApp Migration Kit will take a UIL file generated by SGI's RapidApp builder tool (version 1.2 or higher) and convert any incompatible structures to forms acceptable to Builder Xcessory 5.0. Additionally, the converter will scan the C++ source code generated by RapidApp and preserve any user modifications so that when the source code is next generated by Builder Xcessory, all these modifications are preserved and inserted in the corresponding location in the BX-generated source code.

DEC VUIT Migration

DEC VUIT to BX Migration VUIT was a GUI builder for Motif that was sold by Digital Equipment Corporation (now HP) in the early 90's. In 1993, as a result of a strategic relationship with ICS, Digital replaced VUIT with Builder Xcessory on both UNIX and VMS platforms. ICS worked with DEC to create a smooth migration path for VUIT users. As a result of this joint engineering effort with DEC, UIL files generated by VUIT are directly readable by Builder Xcessory and BX PRO.