Integrated 2D/3D Charting Library

Charts have become a part of everyday life in today's multimedia society. You cannot attend a meeting, pick up a newspaper or watch a television news program for more than a few minutes without running across a chart of some sort. Charts are especially useful in software applications because they make complex data clearer, more interesting and easier to understand. ChartObject provides a comprehensive and powerful tool for creating a wide variety of interchangeable 2D and 3D chart types, leaving the programmer free to concentrate on developing the underlying application.

ChartObject is the Ideal Tool for Making Chart Production Faster and Easier – For You and Your End Users The appearance of charts is highly configurable in ChartObject, allowing you to create the charts that best fit your data and their use. All aspects of chart appearance are fully controllable through built-in resources and functions, including axis color, background color, line style, line thickness and color, marker symbol style and color, legend placement, font, color and orientation. ChartObject also has smart defaults to get you going quickly.

Options for 2D Charts include XY plots, area graphs, bar charts, pie charts, high-low plots, candlestick plots, stacked bar charts, 2D cell-arrays, scatter plots and pie and bar charts with a 3D perspective. ChartObject's 3D chart types include surface plots, contour plots and bar charts, all with real-time rotation and perspective views. In addition, multiple charts and chart types can be combined on the same chart to produce composite graphs.

Text and graphic design elements such as images can be added to any chart in ChartObject. All graphic objects are scalable and rotatable. Graphic objects and the ObjectEditor library can be used to add labels, lines, arrows, boxes, symbols, images and other annotations to graphs, charts and labels. A built-in symbol editor enables the user to create report quality on-screen and hardcopy presentations.

Data handling is very flexible, and generating multiple views of data becomes simple with ChartObject. It integrates tightly with EditTable, a table display and editing library, to provide comprehensive 2D and 3D charting functionality in one package.

Dynamically linking tables and charts is simple with EditTable and ChartObject – users can visualize tables of data simply by selecting the data and dragging and dropping it onto a chart!

"ChartObject is adding yet another level of benefit, by reducing development time and enhancing client satisfaction. I would definitely recommend that anyone in the business of creating quality software look at ChartObject." -Ed Hazeldean, Landmark Graphics Corporation