Support Policies


Available free for the first year after purchase and thereafter when you purchase Technical Support, ICS will help you get up and running during the installation process and provide expert assistance with programming and usage problems. By using telephone, fax, worldwide web or email to contact us, you will be able to:

  • Access the "Support Customer Only" section of the web page where you can download bug fixes and updates and take advantage of other facilities available only to customers.
  • Request/Transfer License Keys, required to enable full functionality of our products.
  • Request installation and configuration assistance, to help you get a product loaded on to and functioning properly on your system.
  • Report bugs, receive help with problem resolution and/or workarounds.
  • Request status on any bugs previously reported.
  • Suggest enhancements.
  • Request transfer of your license keys to another license server.


ICS Technical Support is available on standard ICS business days from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time.
Technical Support will not be available on the following ICS holidays:

Flexible Renewal Options

ICS offers single and multiple year renewals of Technical Support. We will work with you to consolidate Technical Support contracts to simplify billing and synchronize renewals with your budget cycles.

Online Support

Online support is available during and after ICS business hours. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists and product documentation are available online. If you have a current Technical Support Contract, you can access the update section that includes product patches and updates.

In addition, ICS is the primary sponsor of the MotifZone, the home page for Motif on the Internet. The MotifZone includes numerous links to software (including the source code to Motif), documentation, and technical articles of interest to Motif developers. In addition, there are several technical forums where users can ask questions and receive responses from experts in the community.

Consulting Services

For technical problems that are beyond the scope of a standard support contract, ICS is pleased to offer consulting services to its customers. ICS consultants have the depth of expertise and the experience to work with clients through some of the most vexing technical problems. We can also work with customers through all stages of a project from design and development to delivery.

Support Terms

ICS Technical Support is provided for any help you need with the currently supported release(s) of any ICS product running unaltered and on an appropriate hardware and operating system configuration, as specified in the program documentation. Operating systems that have been specially modified by yourself or a third party, might, if in the reasonable judgement of ICS these modifications are the source of error or incompatibility, disqualify you from receiving support.

Technical Support Fees

Technical Support fees are due and payable annually in advance of a Support Period. Failure to submit payment will result in the termination of support.

Support Period

Technical Support is effective upon shipment or, if the software was made available via a download, upon the effective date of the receipt of your purchase order. If your order was placed via a credit card, the effective date is the date your order was accepted by ICS. Unless otherwise stated in the ordering documentation, ICS Technical Support Terms, including pricing, reflect a 12 month support period (the "Support Period"). All ICS Technical Support Services ordered for a Support Period and the related fees are non-cancelable and non-refundable. ICS is not obligated to provide Technical Support services beyond the end of the Support Period.

Reinstatement of Technical Support

If you allow your Technical Support to elapse, you can reinstate it by paying for the elapsed period plus the next 12 months. When reinstated, you will receive full benefits, including any updates that may have been released during the period in which your license was not under Technical Support.

License Set

A License Set consists of all your licenses to a specific ICS product (e.g., Builder Xcessory PRO) that were listed in your last order for ICS Technical Support. Or, if there has been no purchases of Technical Support, a License Set consists of all licenses to a specific ICS product purchased in a single order.

Matching Service Levels

When acquiring ICS Technical Support, all licenses in any given License Set must be supported under Technical Support. You may not purchase support for a subset of licenses within a License Set. If you do not wish to purchase support for all licenses within a License Set, you can terminate any unused licenses and purchase support for the remaining licenses in a License Set. You will be required to document license terminations via a termination letter.

Pricing Following Reduction of Licenses

If you reduce the size of a License Set, and you had previously received a discount based on the volume of the License Set, the price on the remaining licenses may be adjusted by ICS to reflect the lower discount associated with lower volumes.

Unsupported Products

Customers with unsupported products do not receive updates, maintenance releases, patches, telephone assistance or any other Technical Support services. Evaluation software versions of ICS products may not be used to update any unsupported products. Except for catastrophic failure of the hardware hosting the ICS license server software, ICS will not issue replacement license keys for your ICS software. Read the ICS License Key policy for more details on the transferring and reissuing of keys.

Technical Contacts

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, you may designate one technical contact for each license covered by an ICS Technical Support Agreement.

Product Updates

"Update" means any subsequent release of the product which ICS makes generally available to its customers under support. Updates include bug fixes, minor enhancements and major increases in functionality. Updates do not include any release, option or future program that ICS licenses separately. Updates are provided when available, and ICS is under no obligation to develop any future programs or functionality. For any updates to ICS products, ICS will either make available a downloadable version or, upon your request, ship to your specified location one update copy for each operating system for which your program license(s) were ordered. You shall be responsible for copying and installing the updates.

ICS Support Numbers

You will receive an ICS Support Number for each product when purchasing ICS Technical Support. Depending on the product, this ICS Support Number will be delivered to you via email or standard mail. The ICS Support Number assists ICS' Technical Support engineers in identifying your customer information when you call or email a request for help. For faster service, you should include this ICS Support Number in all communication with ICS.

Information Customers Need When Requesting Support

Before ICS Technical Support can begin to work on your problem, information about the nature and location of the problem is required. Please provide the following information:

  • The ICS Support Number.
  • Your contact information including your email, phone number and fax number.
  • Operating system (including version) on which the ICS products are installed.
  • Compiler (including version) being used.
  • Qt or Motif version used.
  • The ICS product and respective version number that is causing the problem.
  • If you are having a problem with BX, BX PRO or DX, please include a copy of the UIL file. If the problem exists when running your application, please attach the smallest program sample that consistently generates the error.
  • A detailed description of the problem.

Right to Desupport

In an effort to continuously enhance and improve our product offering, ICS may provide additional releases or versions of its programs in the form of an Update as part of our Technical Support services. It may become necessary as a part of ICS' product lifecycle to desupport the products and, therefore, ICS reserves the right to desupport its products. Unless otherwise stated in writing by ICS, older releases are considered obsolete and unsupported after they have been replaced by a new release for over 12 months. ICS will endeavor to provide 12 months notice prior to desupporting a product.

Legacy Platform Support

Legacy Platform Support (LPS) may be purchased for certain ICS products after they have been desupported on particular hardware/operating systems. When LPS is offered, it is available only for the the last full release for a version (e.g., BX 5.1.10) of the product. The price for LPS is the prior year's Technical Support fee uplifted by 30%. When purchasing LPS, all licenses of a particular version of the ICS product within a License Set will be purchased under LPS. LPS consists of:

  • Providing known workarounds and existing fixes via telephone, email and fax.
  • Assistance with questions regarding compatibility and certification.
  • Assistance with migration plans to supported programs/versions.
  • Backporting of fixes only when no acceptable workaround exists.

LPS does not include:

  • Certification with supported programs, new operating system releases, or new compilers.
  • Program updates, general maintenance releases or functionality releases.
  • LPS is intended for customers with stable systems that are not experiencing growth in user load or planning for large-scale application changes. LPS is not intended for customers planning new application deployment.

Escalating Cases

If at any time you feel that your Technical Support case could be better handled, please send an email to the Support Manager. In your email, include your case number and any relevant factors, including any deadlines you may be facing. Our goal is to help you be successful, so let us help!

Contact Information

If you have purchased your ICS software directly from ICS, please contact ICS support by either:

  • Email
  • Telephone: (617) 621-0060
  • Fax: (617) 621-9555

If you have purchased your ICS product through a reseller, please contact them for instructions on how to submit help requests.