License Key Policies


Integrated Computer Solutions uses a variety of mechanisms to protect our software and help customers avoid inadvertent use of non-licensed software. These mechanisms vary depending on whether you are using a GUI builder or a library.

Evaluation Keys

Evaluation keys are provided when you download an evaluation version of one of our software products. If you are evaluating ICS software, you will need an evaluation key for each product you are evaluating. This evaluation key allows you to test an ICS product for a limited amount of time. The appropriate evaluation key and instructions on its use will be sent separately via email to the email address you provided to the download form. Please contact our key admin if you have a problem or need an evaluation license extended.

Full License Keys

If you have licensed one of our products, you will need a license key. If you have purchased a library product (EnhancementPak, ViewKit, EditTable or ChartObject), then no other keys are required to use your software. There is no software enforcement of the one license per developer per machine license used by all the Motif ICS library products. We trust our customers to adhere to the license agreement and to perform periodic audits to ensure compliance with the agreement. If you have purchased BX or BX PRO, you will need to have a license to make your product fully operational.

License Key Types

ICS uses the following types of licenses:

The following table enumerates the types of licenses used for the Evaluation and Licensed Product versions of each of our software product families.

  • Floating w/License Server - ICS's BX PRO product family is licensed using the FlexLM license server software originally developed by Globetrotter Software and now owned by Macrovision. ICS software licensed using the FlexLM server can float between UNIX systems. This allows you to take your license with you as you move from platform to platform. Furthermore, the licenses are not attached to a specific developer and can be used by anybody on your network. The FlexLM license server insures that there are not more concurrent users than purchased licenses.
  • Floating w/Server Locked - UIM/X, the Linux edition of BX PRO, and Replay Xcessory use a Floating license system that is locked to a particular system. Although it does not "float" between computer systems, it does float between developers. So if you have purchased 5 licenses to BX PRO for Linux and have installed them all on a single server, any 5 developers can use the product as along as they use it on that system.
  • Time Limited - All evaluation versions of ICS products are time limited in some way. When you download the evaluation version of an ICS product, you will automatically receive a license key via email that will be good for 15 or 30 days. BX PRO will request you to enter the evaluation key as you start up the evaluation version. To use any of our user interface component libraries (e.g., EnhancementPak, KD Chart, etc.), you will need to set an environment variable prior to executing any application that uses the evaluation. Please see the instructions sent with the evaluation key for detailed instructions on installations. The Time Limited evaluation keys are not locked to any platform and do not restrict the number of users. This allows you maximum flexibility during the evaluation process.
  • None - The licensed versions of the ICS widget libraries do not use a license management system. Users are expected to install up to the number of licenses that they have purchased on the systems of their choice.

The following table enumerates the types of licenses used for the Evaluation and Licensed Product versions of each of our software product families.

Product Evaluation Version Licensed Product
Builder Xcessory for UNIX Time Limited Floating w/License Server
UIM/X and BX for Linux Time Limited Floating w/Server Locked
Replay Xcessory Time Limited Floating w/Server Locked
Motif Libraries (EPak, EditTable, ChartObject) Time Limited None
Qt Libraries Time Limited None


Transferring Licenses

ICS's GUI builder products are licensed using license-server technology. The license-server manages the number of concurrent users that can use our software. When you run out of licenses, you can either wait for one to free up, or purchase additional licenses.

Occasionally, hardware that runs the license-server software needs to be replaced (either because of failure or obsolescence). Alternatively, a project might move to another division of the company, and our software needs to be moved too. In these cases, you will need to apply for a License Key Transfer.

ICS's policy provides one no-charge License Key Transfer per year for each license under support. If you need to move the License Key more than once per year, an administrative fee applies. If your software is not under support, you will need to become current on support before we will issue your new keys. To bring your support up to date, contact your ICS sales representative at 1-617-621-0060 or via email. Elsewhere in the world, contact your local reseller.

The transfer process requires you to provide the following information on your company letterhead:

[your company name] requests that ICS transfers our existing licenses for [enter ICS product name] to another license server. In return, we agree to permanently remove the old license from our system within 24 hours once we get the new license server operational.

  • ICS Support
  • ICS Product and Version
  • # of Licenses to be Transferred

Existing Server Information

  • Hostname
  • License Manager Hostid (UNIX Systems only)

New Server Information

  • Hostname
  • License Manager Hostid (UNIX Systems only)

Note: Use 'uname -a' to retrieve the hostname. For BX, run 'lmhostid' command provided with Flexlm License Manager to capture the hostid. For UIM/X, select the appropriate command from the table below to capture the hostid.


Platform Command
AIX hostid
HP-UX uname -i
Linux hostid
Solaris hostid
IRIX uname -a

Please sign and fax this letter to ICS 617-621-9555, ATTN: Keymaster. Outside the US or Canada, please follow the directions of your local reseller.