The Object-Oriented Framework for Motif and CDE Developers

ViewKit is a mature C++ application framework designed to simplify the task of developing UNIX and Linux applications, particularly those based on the Motif user interface toolkit. The ViewKit framework promotes consistency by providing a common architecture for applications and improves programmer productivity with high-level, and in many cases automatic, support for commonly needed operations.

ViewKit Cuts Development Time, Reduces Maintenance Costs and Increases Reliability
ViewKit supports Motif 2.1 and Open Motif 2.2, giving you the most current and powerful tools to get your job done right. Its integrated object reuse framework has over 95 C++ components. The visual interface and on-the-fly subclassing makes development quick and simple.

In addition to providing functions normally associated with a graphical user interface, the ViewKit framework serves as a central integration platform for other facilities applications typically need. These include support for inter-application communication, process control and automatic online context-sensitive help. ViewKit also features extensive support for open source development tools such as Autoconf, CVS and Nedit.

Using an application framework like ViewKit and reusing software significantly increases the quality of an application, reduces development time and cuts costs. A University of Maryland study found that for every 10% increase in the reuse rate:

  • Productivity increases by nearly 20 LOC (lines of code) per hour.
  • Error density drops by nearly 1 error per KLOC (thousand lines of code).
  • Rework drops by 7%.

"ViewKit's object-oriented architecture and reusable component model saves time and investment by raising the level at which developers work."
-Doug Young, Silicon Graphics