BX Ada

Shorten the Development Cycle and Increase Ada Application Reliability

BX Ada Generates Clean, Readable and Portable Ada Code at the Push of a Button

BX Ada's styles provide a mechanism to define, enforce and implement a consistent corporate look-and-feel while on-the-fly subclassing makes the creation of reusable components quick and simple. Any changes that the user makes to the generated code are preserved, facilitating support of special application developments. Full support for localization and internationalization makes your application ready for worldwide deployment.

The visual interface of BX Ada speeds and simplifies your GUI development. BX Ada includes extensive support for open source development tools such as Autoconf, CVS and Nedit to speed your development without purchasing proprietary tools. It also dynamically integrates with third party widgets to provide an extensible environment that smoothly integrates with your development environment for maximum productivity. 


BX Ada Browser Window

The BX Ada browser window