Builder Xcessory

The GUI Builder in a Class By Itself

Builder Xcessory (BX) is the industry's leading Motif GUI builder. BX simplifies the task of creating, changing and maintaining user interfaces, thereby speeding development and reducing costs.

Builder Xcessory Allows You to Quickly Deliver Intuitive, Effective and Robust User Interfaces BX's fully WYSIWYG visual development speeds and simplifies GUI development. Developers work with a palette of user interface objects that can be selected, positioned and combined to create the front-end of an application. Attribute or resource editors provide detailed control of the display and function of these objects.

The redesigned user interface makes BX even easier to learn and use. A compact footprint, tooltips everywhere and greater consistency reduce your learning curve and maximize your productivity.

On-the-fly subclassing within BX makes the creation of reusable components quick and simple, while styles provide the ability to define, enforce and implement consistent corporate look-and-feel guidelines. Changes to generated code are preserved, facilitating support of special application requirements.

BX fully supports Motif 2.2, so you have the most current and powerful tools available to get your job done right. Additional internally developed or third party Motif user interface objects can be easily added and integrated into BX.

Extensive support for open source development tools such as Autoconf, CVS and Nedit speeds your development without requiring the purchase of proprietary tools. The optional cross-platform toolkit supports development on MS-Windows®. BX integrates with other development tools to provide scalability to even the very largest development efforts.

Full support for application localization and internationalization within BX makes your application ready for worldwide deployment. The graphical installation gets you going with BX quickly so that you can starting taking advantage of BX's features immediately.