Design Patterns in C++ (5 days)

In this course, you will learn how to write C++ programs that are extensible, flexible, maintainable, modular, portable, reusable, and understandable.

Completion of an introductory course in C++. One year of experience programming in C++.

Course Outline

  • Introduction, MVC, Roles, Interface-vs-Implementation
  • The Clone Idiom, The Prototype, Factory Method Design Pattern
  • How to Disable Copying and Assignment in a Class
  • Comparing Prototype, Factory Method, and Singleton Design Pattern
  • Abstract Factory, Bridge, Proxy, Auto Pointer, Reference Counting, Iterator Design Pattern, Composite Design Pattern
  • The Flyweight, Interpreter, Visitor, Design Pattern
  • The Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern
  • The Memento, Command Design Pattern
  • The All Of Me Idiom
  • The State, Decorator, Observer, Facade, Template Method Design Pattern
  • The Mediator and Strategy Design Pattern
  • Categorizing, References