Palette Mnemonics

Use mnemonic keys to display a menu or choose an item from a displayed menu. Mnemonics are indicated by an underlined character in the menu item label.

Using mnemonic keys

To use mnemonic keys

2. Place the cursor anywhere on the Palette.

3. Depress the Alt key.

4. Type the appropriate mnemonic.

Note: The keyboard mapping to the Alt key is system-specific.

You can also use Mnemonics to select an item from a menu once that menu is displayed. Enter the mnemonic without depressing the Alt key.

Note: Keyboard focus must be on the Palette to enable mnemonics.


Establish keyboard focus on the Palette by placing the cursor anywhere on the Palette. If you are using the click-to-type model, click MB1 within the window to establish focus.

Note: We recommend the pointer focus model for developing applications with Builder Xcessory.

The underlined "P" in the label for the Palette menu denotes a mnemonic. To display the Palette menu, press Alt+P.

Menu items also contain underlined letters that indicate mnemonics. To select a menu item, press the underlined letter only (do not press the Alt key first). For example, the underlined "L" in the Labels Only also denotes a mnemonic. Press "L" to change the Palette to display only labels.

Note: Mnemonics are case-insensitive. Do not press the Shift key for uppercase letters.