Builder Xcessory Main Windows

Once you select a default language, you can access the three main windows of Builder Xcessory:

Builder Xcessory Main Windows

Tear-off menus

All Builder Xcessory menus are tear-off menus that you can manipulate as separate windows. With the menu displayed, select the dotted line at the top of the menu. Tear-off menus are iconified and de-iconified with their parent window.


Depending upon the default language, the Palette displays labeled, iconic representations of the following objects:

· Entire set of Motif Xm interface widgets

· ViewKit ObjectPak Vk objects

· Subset of the EnhancementPak Xi widget set

· Java Awt objects

· Platform-specific objects

The Palette can also include user-created collections of objects, other widget sets, and user-created classes.

Refer to Palette for a complete description of the Palette and to Resources for detailed information about the Palette icon objects.

BX PRO users

If you are running Builder Xcessory PRO, you can use and compile the EnhancementPak widgets and ViewKit objects in your interface.

Note: By default, the BX PRO Palette includes the EnhancementPak widgets.

Builder Xcessory users

If you are running Builder Xcessory (not BX PRO), you can use the EnhancementPak widgets and ViewKit objects in your interface, but you must purchase the respective libraries to compile any interface built with the EnhancementPak widgets or ViewKit objects. Contact your Sales Representative for more information.

Note: Start with EPak Widgets must be set on the Behavior tab of the User Preferences dialog to display the EnhancementPak icons. Refer to Behavior toggle options for more detailed information.


The Browser, the principle window used to control Builder Xcessory actions, displays the hierarchical structure of your interface.

Display modes

The Browser has the following two display modes:

· Instances View (the default)

· Classes View

Refer to Browser for a complete description of the Browser.

Resource Editor

The Resource Editor displays the resources (such as height, sensitivity, background) of the currently selected object. You can set the Resource Editor to display all resources of the selected object, or some subset of these resources, by selecting the items on the Resources menu. The Resource Editor defaults to display the Simple Resources subset of resources.

Refer to Resource Editor for a complete description of the Resource Editor.