Starting Builder Xcessory

After installing Builder Xcessory on your system, enter the following command at the command line:

% {BX}/bin/bx50

where {BX} is the directory where you installed Builder Xcessory.

If your system administrator copied the bx50 script to a location in your search path, enter the following command at the command line:

% bx50

Note: Refer to the BX PRO Installation Notes for complete installation instructions.

Startup Panel

While loading, Builder Xcessory displays the following Startup Panel:

ICS Builder Xcessory Startup Panel

Startup Panel

The Startup Panel appears each time you start a Builder Xcessory session. As Builder Xcessory initializes, status messages are displayed at the bottom of the window, and a random tip is displayed in the "Did You Know" field. The "Next Tip" button is active only when the Builder Xcessory finishes loading ("System Ready" is displayed at the bottom of the window).

Closing the Startup Panel

Once Builder Xcessory is loaded, the Builder Xcessory main windows are displayed, with the Startup Panel in the foreground. Click on the Next Tip button to read more tips, or click on Dismiss to close the Startup Panel.

Dismissing the Startup Panel automatically

To dismiss the Startup Panel automatically when the system is ready, enable the Auto Dismiss Startup Panel toggle on the Behavior tab of the Browser Users Preference dialog.

Note: In your first Builder Xcessory session, the "Next Tip" button is not active until Builder Xcessory finishes loading and you select a default language. Refer to the next section, Language Dialog for more detailed information.

Language Dialog

In your first Builder Xcessory session, the following Language Dialog also appears in the foreground:

Language Dialog

Selecting a default language

You must select a default language before proceeding. The language you select determines the available UI objects and the contents of the Builder Xcessory menus and dialogs. The selected language is saved in your.bxrc file, and becomes the default language for all subsequent BX sessions.

You can change the language for each application or change the default language at any time by selecting Choose A Language from the Browser options menu. For more detailed information, refer to Choose A Language .

Exit button

The Exit button exits Builder Xcessory without saving a default language with your .bxrc file. The Language Dialog will appear the next time you start Builder Xcessory.

Note: The Language Dialog appears during your first Builder Xcessory session only. Subsequent Builder Xcessory sessions use the default language, as specified in your .bxrc file.

Note: When you select UIL as your default language, the Builder Xcessory utilizes the UIL save file to implement the interface and generates C code to implement the application.