Panning the Browser

XiPorthole and XiPanner

The EnhancementPak objects, XiPorthole and XiPanner, allow you to navigate more easily around the Browser object instance hierarchy display. The Panner widget represents a rectangular region (the canvas) of which only a smaller, enclosed rectangular region (the slider) is visible at any given time. It is used with a Porthole widget to scroll the Browser object instance hierarchy in two dimensions. The slider may be moved around the canvas by moving the cursor over the slider, pressing MB1, dragging, and then releasing the button.

Resizing the Panner

The Panner is fixed in the top left corner of the Browser. To resize, click and hold MB1 on the Browser and drag its resize border.

Automatic panning

Automatic panning is available when you use drag and drop to move or copy a widget or class instance on the Browser. Move the drag-and-drop icon on top of any border or corner of the Browser. The Browser display will pan in increments toward that direction. This allows you to pan automatically when you perform a drag-and-drop operation in the Browser. To stop panning, move the icon off the Browser border.