A style is a set of resource values assigned to a particular name. When the style name is applied to a widget, the set of resource values is applied to that widget. Builder Xcessory styles are flexible, and provide options such as applying a given style to an entire widget tree or forcing the style resource values to override resource values previously defined for a widget.

The Builder Xcessory allows you to set resource values quickly and consistently through the application of styles. You can apply a single style, or a related family of styles, to the objects in your interface to achieve a consistent look for your application. You can also apply the same styles over a set of applications to achieve a similar look and feel.

Accessing styles

You can access styles from the following two windows:

· Style Manager

Allows you to view and edit the hierarchy of styles that you created and to apply styles to objects.

· Style Editor

Allows you to rename styles and apply resource values to a given style. Refer to Style Editor for more detailed information.

Styles are defined, viewed, and manipulated using the Style Manager.