Object Instance Hierarchy

Depending on the current display mode, the Browser displays the object instance hierarchy of your interface or the class instance hierarchy of your interface. From the Browser, you can accomplish the following operations:

Browser operations

· Select a class, class instance, or widget by clicking on its name in the Browser.

· Edit the structure of your interface by using drag and drop functions, the Browser Toolbar, and the Browser menus.

· Define new classes and display their contents.

· Generate C, C++, C/UIL, Java, and ViewKit, and customize the names and contents of these files.

· Customize Builder Xcessory's integration with CodeCenter, ObjectCenter, Purify, XRunner, and RCS, SCCS, or your own source code control tools.

· Customize the generated code, including the contents of your makefiles.

· Access Builder Xcessory's online Help files.