Compound String Editor

Allows you to change a resource of type XmString (for example, labelString).

Compound String Editor

Compound string editor components

The Compound String Editor contains the following components:

· A combination box displaying the Font Tag. The default font tag value is FONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG_STRING. The other tags are retrieved from the associated fontList resource if you are editing a widget resource (Styles are not supported).

· An arrow button, indicating in which direction the selected text is read. The default is left-to-right (arrow points right).

Note: Vertical text is not supported.

· The Show Output toggle. When the toggle is set, the compound string is displayed in a window underneath the text entry field. Any changes made in the Compound String Editor are reflected in this window before the contents are applied to the currently selected widget resource using the OK button.

· The upper text entry field in which you edit the string and apply different font tags to different segments of the string.

· The lower text field in which the string is displayed when the Show Output toggle is set.