Using Extended Editors

The Builder Xcessory extended editors allow you to modify resources and apply values for the same resource to any number of widgets or objects. Before using an editor, confirm that the currently selected object is the widget you want to set.

Resource placement options

Each extended editor has some subset of the following resource placement options:




Resets the resource value to the default.


Value hardcoded and cannot be overridden by application defaults or X Resource Database.


Value written to a defaults file and can be overridden by the X Resource Database.

This setting is not available for Java.


Takes a constant as its value. This setting displays a list in which every existing constant of the appropriate type is displayed. Value is hardcoded and cannot be overridden by application defaults.


Takes an identifier from a displayed combination box as its value. Value is hardcoded and cannot be overridden by application defaults.


Takes an expression as its value. The value is hardcoded and cannot be overridden by the application defaults. See Expressions for more detailed information.


Resource is one of a set of resources in the style that has been applied to the widget. Unless the resource was set with a style, this option is not present on the option menu.


Allows you to view and modify a widget instance's resource when the Resource Editor is updated for the class instance in Instances View. Can be used in conjunction with any other setting except None and Style.

Extended Editor Buttons

The following three buttons appear at the bottom of each extended editor:

· Apply

Assigns the value in the editor to the currently selected widgets resource.

· Reset

Loads the editor with the resource value in the currently selected widget.

· Dismiss

Removes the editor.

Identifying the Resource in the Editor Title Bar

The resource that you are setting or changing is identified in the title bar of the editor. As long as the editor for this resource is displayed, you cannot type a value into the resource field on the Resource Editor.

Updating the Resource Editor Automatically

If you select a new widget instance and press Apply, the Resource Editor sets the value for the new instance.

For example, assume you used the Color Editor to set the background of one widget to red. You can then select another widget, click Apply on the Color Editor, and set the background of that widget to red.

Note: You must update the Resource Editor each time you select a different widget.