Selecting Objects

Selecting objects

To select an object, use one of the following methods:

· Click on the instance name in the Browser.

· Click on the object itself on your display.

· Use the Browser Search/Select Bar.

In the following figure, the DrawingArea widget is selected:


Selected Widget

The selected object is highlighted on the Browser display of the object instance hierarchy. The selected object is surrounded by a darkened selection outline on your interface. The selection outline is broken into corners and edges to aid in resize operations.

Selecting multiple objects

To select multiple objects, use one of the following methods:

· Hold down Ctrl and click on each object or instance name.

· Hold down Shift and MB1 and drag the cursor to draw a square around the objects (or their instance names). Release Shift and MB1. All objects completely within the square are selected.

· Hold down Shift and click on an object. The object and all objects descending from it are selected.

· Use the Browser Search/Select field.