Builder Xcessory 5.0 Reference Manual: Table of Contents


Notation Conventions


Prerequisite Knowledge

Starting Builder Xcessory

Startup Panel

Language Dialog

Builder Xcessory Main Windows



Resource Editor

Palette Objects

Motif Widgets

EnhancementPak Widgets

ViewKit ObjectPak Classes

Java AWT Objects

Palette Groups

Motif Groups

ViewKit ObjectPak Groups

EnhancementPak Groups

Java AWT Groups

Reference Count

Adding and Moving Palette Collections

Hiding and Displaying Palette Groups

Palette Mnemonics

Palette Menus

Palette Menu

Catalog Menu

Edit Menu

MB3 Quick Access Menu

Adding User-defined Widgets and Objects


Object Instance Hierarchy

Browser Display Modes

Browser in Instances View

Browser in Classes View

Selecting Objects

Panning the Browser

Browser File Menu

New (Ctrl+N)

Open (Ctrl+O)

Read (Ctrl+F)

Save (Ctrl+S)

Save As (Ctrl+A)



Generate {Lang} (Ctrl+G)

Generate C++

Generate ViewKit

Generate C

Generate UIL

Generate Java

Print Setup

Print Hierarchy


Browser Edit Menu

Cut (Ctrl+X)

Copy (Ctrl+C)

Copy To Palette (Ctrl+E)

Paste (Ctrl+V)



Raise (Ctrl+R)

Lower (Ctrl+L)

Natural Size (Ctrl+Z)

Enlarge (Ctrl+W)


Make/Unmake Class (Ctrl I/Q)

Make/Unmake Subclass (Ctrl+Y/Q)

Make/Unmake Receptor (Ctrl+T)

Browser View Menu

Show Compound Children (Ctrl+J)

Show Menu Children (Ctrl+U)

Select Parent (Ctrl+H)

Keep Parent (Ctrl+K)

Snap To Grid

Show Messages (Ctrl+M)

Show Search/Select

Show Toolbar

Show Class Hierarchy

Clear Messages

Browser Project Menu

Build Mode (Ctrl+B)

Play Mode (Ctrl+P)

Debug Mode (Ctrl+D)

Make Application

Check Out Source

Check In Source

Edit File

Browser Options Menu

Choose A Language

Code Generation Preferences

C++ Code Generation Preferences

ViewKit Code Generation Preferences

C Code Generation Preferences

UIL Code Generation Preferences

Java Code Generation Preferences

User Preferences

Tools Preferences

GIL Import Preferences

Browser Managers Menu

Updating the Resource Editor

Resource Editor for a Widget Instance

Resource Editor Text Fields for a Widget Instance

Resource Settings for a Widget Instance

Widget Instance Resources

Resource Editor for Class Instances and Classes

Resource Editor Text Fields for Class Instances

Class Widget Resources

Resource Editor Text Fields for Classes

Resource Editor for Multiple Widgets or Class Instances

Resource Editor Text Fields for Multiple Widgets or Class Instances

Resource Settings

Class Member Editor

Component Menu


Make Gadget/Widget

Storage Location

Creation Routine

Class Source File

Generate Class

Include By Reference

View Menu


Show Search Bar(Ctrl+F)

Show Toolbar (Ctrl+T)

Show Header Data (Ctrl+I)

All Resources

Simple Resources

Programmer Resources

Modified Resources

Not Equal Resources

Options Menu

Automatic Update

Alphabetical Order

Type Order

Default Resource Placement (Ctrl + M)

Form Constraint Editor

Attachment Symbols


Browser Managers Menu

Application Manager

Work Procedures

Timer Procedures


Style Manager

Style Hierarchy

Style Manager File Menu

Style Manager Edit Menu

Style Manager View Menu

Style Manager Apply Menu

Style Editor


Constant Manager

Constant Manager File Menu

Constant Manager Edit Menu

Constant Editor


Procedure Manager

Procedure Manager File Menu

Procedure Manager Edit Menu

Procedure Editor


Identifier Manager

Identifier Manager File Menu

Identifier Manager Edit Menu

Identifier Editor


Type Manager

Type Manager File Menu

Type Manager Edit Menu

File Placement

UIL File Manager

UIL File Manager File Menu

UIL File Manager Edit Menu

UIL File Manager View Menu

UIL File Manager Apply Menu

Using Extended Editors

Extended Editor Buttons

Identifying the Resource in the Editor Title Bar

Updating the Resource Editor Automatically

Displaying Editor Title Bars

Any Editor

Application Timer Procedure Editor

Application Work Procedure Editor

ASCIZ Table Editor

Boolean Editor

Callback Editor

Predefined Callbacks

Code Generation

Color Editor

Using the Color Sliders

Using the Color List

Color Table Editor

Compound String Editor

Compound String List Editor

Event Editor

Event Handler Editor

Font List Editor


Integer Editor

Integer Table Editor

List Editor

Multiline Editor

One of Many Editor

Pixmap Editor

Pixmap Chooser

Editing a Pixmap

Translation Table Editor

Widget Editor

Builder Xcessory Resources

Builder Xcessory Application Resource Defaults

Builder Xcessory Resource Command Line Options

Resources Modifiable from Builder Xcessory

Palette Objects

Motif Xm Widgets

ViewKit ObjectPak Vk Classes

EnhancementPak Xi Widgets

Java Awt Objects

DEC DXm Widgets

SGI Sgm Widgets

CDE Dt Widgets

Flexible License Manager

Man Pages

Pre-existing Copies of the License Manager

Installing the License Manager

Installing license.dat

Editing license.dat

Starting the License Manager Daemon

Using the -c Option


Obtaining the Activation Key

Installing the Activation Key

Obtaining a License

License Manager and Builder Xcessory

Client Server Model

License Manager Software

Builder Xcessory Client Files

Contents of the License File

Overview of FLEXlm

License Manager Daemon (lmgrd)

Vendor Daemon

License File


Getting Started Checklist

License File

Specifying Location of the License File

License File Format

Anatomy of a License File

Types of License Files

Combining License Files

Using the Same Server Node

Using a Different Server Node

Selecting Server Nodes

Resources Used by the Server

Diskless Nodes and Remote Mounted Disks

Redundant Servers

Options File

Creating an Options File

Customizing the Options File

Understanding Options Files

Daemon Log File

Informational Messages

Configuration Problem Messages

Daemon Software Error Messages

Troubleshooting FLEXlm

General Debugging Hints

Contacting Support

Problem Description Format

Hostid Problems

Connection Problems

Other Client Problems

Other Server Problems

Troubleshooting Topics

Hostids for FLEXlm-Supported Machines

User Commands

lmdown (1)

lmgrd (1)

lmhostid (1)

lmstat (1)

lmremove (1)

lmreread (1)

license.dat (5)

license.opt (5)