Customizing Builder Xcessory: Table of Contents


 Notation Conventions Definitions Prerequisite Knowledge


 Extending Builder Xcessory

Ensuring Availability of Data to Builder Xcessory
Telling Builder Xcessory How to Handle Data
Builder Xcessory Object Packager

Summary of Customization Procedures


 Obtaining a Widget

User-defined Widgets
Information Sources

Making the Widgets Available

How Builder Xcessory Searches for a Library
Specifying the Widget Creation Function
Adding Widgets Using the bx.o File

Generating WML And Other Control Files

Generating Files
Modifying WML Files


Adding Components

Creating a Component (CreationFunction)
Abstract Components
Methods For Setting Resources

Managing Subclasses of Existing Components

Editing a Component (AttributeFunction)
Example Edit Method

Editing Resources On Subclass Components

Set Mode
Get Mode

Components That Can Take Children

Obtaining the Parent for Children (ChildParentFunction)
Adding A Child To The Component (ChildFunction)
Editing Child Constraint Resources (ConstraintFunction)


 Adding Resource Type Editors

Entry points

Creation Functions

Widget Hierarchy Generated in the Creation Function
Creation Function Prototype
Simple Editor Creation Function
Allowing Builder Xcessory to Update Internal Structures

Update Functions

EditorUpdateFunc Function Prototype

Fetch Functions Registering Resource Type Editors

RegisterResourceEditor Function Prototype
Compiling to a Shared Library
Relinking Builder Xcessory


Adding Callbacks

Adding a Callback to Predefined Function List


 RegisterUserCallback and RegisterUserTypedCallback AddUserDefinedEditors AddUserFunctions RegisterUserEditor SetRscEditorUpdate


Builder Xcessory Object Packager Starting the Builder Xcessory Object Packager Builder Xcessory Object Packager Main Window

Catalog Editor
Message Area

Editing WML Files

BX Object Packager Edit Menu
Loading Data From Widget Libraries

Background WML Files Editing the Catalog Unassigned Catalog Command-line Options and Resources


 WML Files Changing Class Information

Object Class Diagram
Class Attributes
Class Definitions

Changing Resource Information Changing Enumeration Information Changing DataType Information Changing Other WML Entries UIL Data Types


 Builder Xcessory Control Files Catalog File

Catalog File Format
Item Attributes
Groups Attributes
Catalog Attributes

Collection File Control File Pixmap File


 Primitive and Manager Classes Composite Widget Classes Resources Objects that Control Specific Children