Builder Xcessory Object Packager Main Window

Once the BX Object Packager finishes loading, you can access the following BX Object Packager main window (shown here without any data loaded):

Figure 1. BX Object Packager Main Window

The following sections describe the components of the interface.


The BX Object Packager menubar offers the following menus for controlling the rest of the application.

WML menu

Allows you to open, load, and save WML files, and exit the application.

Edit menu

Allows you to edit WML data.

Catalog menu

Allows you to load and save catalog files, and modify the catalog view.

View menu

Allows you to show/hide the toolbar, show/hide messages, and clear messages.

Help menu

Provides options for obtaining help on the meaning of data and on how to manipulate the application.


Duplicates the Edit menu options with their iconic representations as toolbar entries.

Catalog Editor

Displays catalog hierarchies as follows:

  • Catalog hierarchy for classes that have been created but not located into a catalog.
  • Editable catalog hierarchy that displays the contents of any loaded catalog file.

Message Area

Displays informational messages and warnings for the entire application.