Ensuring that users can modify objects added to Palette

To ensure that users can modify all resources of objects you add to the Palette, verify the following conditions:

  • Each resource can be modified.

    Change each resource in the Resource Editor. The object should redisplay itself correctly. Certain resources are defined as "Creation Only". If this is the case, try setting the Recreate directive in the Resource definition section of your WML file, as follows:

    Recreate = True;

  • The (...) editor works for each resource.
  • Each resource is output correctly to C or C++, and UIL and compiles and runs correctly.
  • Each resource is output correctly to app-defaults.
  • The object runs correctly. Also, some resources are not specifiable in the app-defaults file. If this is the case, modify the WML file accordingly, using the AppDefault directive.
  • Each resource can be saved and read in correctly.
  • If you use UIL as more than a save format, rebuild your UIL compiler.
  • If Builder Xcessory cannot determine the correct data type, it defaults to identifier. You may need to change this to a type appropriate for your widget (that is, boolean, integer, string_table).