Editing the Catalog

You edit the catalog on the main screen (Figure 1 on page 56), setting it up as you want it to appear when Builder Xcessory is run. You can load an existing catalog (and save it independently), or create your own catalog. The interface shows the catalog in the outline form, with menus representing the catalog as a whole and the groups within it. Within a group, items are shown. You can select a menu item from the catalog or group to cut/paste groups or items, or to change the properties of the catalog or group. You can select a popup menu on items to modify them, or move them to the cut buffer. Refer to Chapter 9--Creating Other Control Files for information about property values.

The catalog is broken up into two sections. The lower section is a fully-editable catalog. You can create new groups and items, move them about, temporarily save them to the cut-buffer while you load a new catalog, and set the properties on them. It is this section that is saved to the catalog file.