Builder Xcessory Control Files

Builder Xcessory uses the WML file to specify how to manipulate the widget classes and user-interface components that you have added. However, Builder Xcessory uses other control files as well. These files specify which WML files should be read by Builder Xcessory upon startup, under what conditions, and how the objects should appear on the Palette. The following table describes the control files:

Control File  Description 
Catalog  Identifies the conditions under which the items named in the WML files appear on the Palette. 
Collection Identifies the hierarchy and extra attributes that Builder Xcessory should use to create an instance of the item; specified in the catalog file. 
\Pixmap  Identifies the icon image that should appear when an item in the WML file appears on the Palette, as specified in the 
catalog file. 
Tcl  Identifies which WML files to include. 
WML  Describes how to manipulate the widget classes and user-interface components. 

File extensions

When files refer to one another, they omit the extensions, for example ".tcl" or ".wml" or ".pix". Builder Xcessory uses the extension appropriate to the file type.

Installed files

When a file is described as installed into {BX}/some_directory, the file might be installed that directory, as a system file. Or the file might be installed into your own area in the local .builderXcessory directory, with a similar directory structure.