UIL Data Types

This section contains additional information about the WML file format that will be useful should hand-editing be necessary. Builder Xcessory uses the following UIL data types:

Note: Values are entered as strings and converted to the correct format with the XtConvert mechanism.

UIL Data Type     Description 
asciz_table  Multibyte character string table char **. 
boolean  1 Byte Xt Boolean. For 4 byte Booleans, use integer. 
color  Any pixel value. 
compound_string  Motif XmStrings only. 
float  Double float. 
font  Any font-like structure, e.g., XFontStruct. 
font_table  Motif XmFontList. 
identifier  Default value for unknown types. 
integer  Basic integer value, either 1, 2, 4, or 8 bytes. 
keysym  Motif Keysym only. 
pixmap  Pixmap of screen depth. 
reason  Any callbacks. 
single_float  Single float. 
string  Equivalent to char *. 
string_table  Table of XmStrings only. 
translation_table  Translation or accelerator table. 
wchar  Wide character string. 
widget_ref  Any widget reference.