WML Files

Builder Xcessory uses an extended variant of the OSF/Motif Widget Meta Language (WML) to describe the capabilities of widgets and components. Refer to the OSF/Motif Programmer's Reference, Release 1.2 for a thorough overview of Motif WML.


WML file structure

A WML file consists of the following components:


  • Keywords that describe the type of data to follow
  • Data bounded by braces
  • Name-value pairs that describe the data

If you use the Builder Xcessory Object Packager to create or edit the WML file (or, on systems running SunOS 4, use thebx50 -load mechanism for widgets), you are not required to make new WML files for new widgets or class components. However, you might want to hand-edit the file at a later time.

Warning: Use extreme caution when editing WML files. Invalid WML entries may render Builder Xcessory inoperable