ViewKit ObjectPak Binary Distribution


Once installed, the full ViewKit ObjectPak distribution consists of the directories and files shown in the following figure:


Figure 1. ViewKit ObjectPak Directories and Files


The form required for submitting bug reports on ViewKit ObjectPak.

config directory

Contains imake templates and rules files for use when constructing Imakefiles for ViewKit ObjectPak applications.

examples directory

Contains numerous sub-directories holding examples of various features of ViewKit ObjectPak as well as code examples from the ViewKit ObjectPak Programmer's Guide.

include directory

Contains the ViewKit ObjectPak header files.

lib directory

Contains the ViewKit ObjectPak libraries.

man directory

Contains the files man3, cat.VK, or man3.Z which are the man pages for the ViewKit ObjectPak classes and utility functions.

Note: Refer to the BX PRO 2.1 Installation Notes for complete instructions about loading ViewKit ObjectPak software onto your development system.