New in Version 1.3



All known ViewKit-induced memory leaks and allocation problems have been fixed using PurifyTM.

Cut, Copy, Paste, and Drag and Drop

VkCutPaste provides you with a simple and consistent API for implementing cut, copy, and paste as well as Motif drag and drop in your applications.

Window Manager Configuration

VkConfigureWM() is a new function that allows you to control the window manager options by setting the window manager hints on a VkSimpleWindow (or subclass).

New Components

VkProgressDialog is a new class for displaying the approximate amount of a task completed.

VkTabbedDeck combines the VkTabPanel and VkDeck classes to easily create a collection of components with the appearance of a set of tabbed cards.

VkRunOnce2 is a new class that adds several new methods to VkRunOnce and does error checking not performed by VkRunOnce.

Status Line and Balloon Help (experimental)

QuickHelp provides a status line at the bottom of the window and/or popup balloon help for individual components. You can easily control and configure QuickHelp through the X resource database.

The interface to QuickHelp is experimental. See the QuickHelp example for usage (located in the <$INSTALLTREE>/examples/QuickHelp directory).