System Requirements



ViewKit ObjectPak, 
Motif, and X Toolkit Intrinsics

ViewKit ObjectPak requires a Motif 1.2 development system. Typically, a Motif 1.2 development system includes Motif 1.2 libraries and include files and X11 Release 5 libraries and include files. Some vendors may supply a Motif 1.2 development system with the X11 Release 6 libraries. Both of these combinations are compatible with the ViewKit ObjectPak libraries. You must already have an X and Motif distribution installed on your system in order to use ViewKit ObjectPak.


Supported compilers

C++ compiler technology has not yet achieved the industry-wide compatibility found in today's C compilers. Because of this, C++ binary objects are not portable. The following table lists currently supported compilers. ICS will expand our support to additional compilers in subsequent releases of ViewKit.


Vendor Hardware OS Supported Compilers
Sun  SPARC SunOS 4.1+ Solaris 2.4+  SunSoft C++ 2.0+,3.0+,4.0+ GNU g++ 2.7.2 
HP  PA-RISC  HP-UX 9.0+  HP C++ A.03.50+ 
HP-UX 10.10+  HP C++ A.10.09+ 
IBM  RS/6000 PowerPC AIX 4.1+  xlC, CSet++ 3.0+ 
DEC  Alpha/AXP Digital UNIX 3.2  DEC C++ 5.1+ 
Digital UNIX 4.0  DEC C++ 5.3+ 


Compilers from the same vendor which the vendor supports as backward compatible are supported by ICS. Compilers from vendors other than those listed in the table might work, but cannot be supported by ICS.

Source is available for customers wishing to use ViewKit on additional platforms or with additional compilers.