Platform-Specific Notes



The xlC compiler automatically adds extern "C" statements around any include file found in the /usr/include/... directory hierarchy. When you install ViewKit ObjectPak on an AIX system, no links for the ViewKit header files will be made in /usr/include. If you are not using imake to construct your makefiles, you must add an include directive for the ViewKit header files on your compile line.


On HP-UX systems, ICS provides two versions of the ViewKit ObjectPak libraries -- one with exception handling enabled (compiled with +eh) and one without exception handling enabled.

The HP C++ compiler does not support mixing object files compiled with exception handling enabled with object files compiled without exception handling enabled. You must choose which version of the libraries you plan to use at installation time.


On SunOS 4 and Solaris 2 platforms, ICS provides libraries for versions 2.0 (cfront-based) and 3.0/4.0 (native) of the SunSoft C++ compiler as well as version 2.7.2 of the GNU C++ compiler (g++). You must select the variant of the library you want when it is installed. Using a compiler version which does not match the libraries will result in link errors regarding undefined symbols.

Platforms without ToolTalk

On all platforms which do not support the ToolTalk messaging service, the ToolTalk messaging classes are not currently supported or provided. The ToolTalk classes are currently provided on the following systems:

AIX 4.1+, DEC UNIX 4.0+, HP-UX 10.10+, Solaris 2.4+, and SunOS 4.1+