Enhancements in Version 1.3



Fallback resources

VkApp has a new static method, setFallbacks() that you can use to set the fallback resources for an application. The fallback resources provided to the method are passed to XtAppSetFallbackResources() during initialization in the VkApp constructor.

Event handling

VkApp::run() now allows the application more control over how the X event loop is handled.

Application Exit

VkApp::quitYourself() now uses the new resource "quitMode" to determine its action after calling okToQuit() on each window. In the past, and by default, the application quits if any of the windows returns TRUE. Now, if "quitMode" is set to "all", the application quits only if all windows agree to exit.


Default resources

VkComponent::setDefaultResources() now supports an extended syntax (a prepended `+' or `-') that further qualifies the resource string entered in the resource database. This is useful for overriding such things as SGI's resource schemes.

VkSimpleWindow and VkWindow

Get Window method

The getWindow(VkComponent *) method has been added to both the VkSimpleWindow and VkWindow classes. The method returns the VkSimpleWindow/VkWindow (or subclass) object that contains the given VkComponent.

Get Menu method

The getMenu(VkComponent *) method has been added to the VkWindow class. It returns the VkMenuBar object used by the window that contains the given VkComponent.


3-D Look

VkTabPanel now provides a 3-D appearance for the tabs. The 3-D appearance is controlled by the new resource "use3DTabs".

Color management for tab pixmaps

Two new methods, getSelectedTabBg() and getUnselectedTabBg() can be used by applications that construct pixmaps for tab labels to retrieve the appropriate background colors for the pixmaps.

ViewKit Menus

Default client data on menu bars

The VkMenu::setMenuBar() method has been overloaded to allow the setting of default client data.

Menu item label

VkMenuItem::getLabel() has been added for symmetry with the existing VkMenuItem::setLabel().


Separators in menus can now have names to allow manipulation like other menu items.

Menu bar help pane

VkMenuBar::showHelpPane() is a new method that allows programmatic control over the visibility of the VkHelpPane.

XPM Library

The XPM library has been upgraded to version 3.4.