Additional Information Sources

The following sections describe sources for additional information on ViewKit.

Object-Oriented Programming with C++ and OSF/Motif

"Object-Oriented Programming with C++ and OSF/Motif" by Douglas Young. 2nd Edition, 1995 Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-209255-7. Describes the method which ViewKit employs to use Motif and C++ together effectively. Part 1 introduces the mechanics of the process, and Part 2 covers the philosophy of components and frameworks. This philosophy is the basis of ViewKit ObjectPak, which was originally developed by Mr. Young and others at Silicon Graphics, Inc.

ICS and SGI staff are active on the list, but the intent of the list is to allow customers to contact each other, providing different perspectives and viewpoints. This list is intended to complement Technical Support.

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ICS Website

ICS's website provides information on products as well as product updates, tips and techniques. Also available from our site are diagrams of the ViewKit ObjectPak class hierarchy.