Customizing Builder Xcessory

UIL Data Types

This section contains additional information about the WML file format that will be useful should hand-editing be necessary. Builder Xcessory uses the following UIL data types:

WML Files

Builder Xcessory uses an extended variant of the OSF/Motif Widget Meta Language (WML) to describe the capabilities of widgets and components. Refer to the OSF/Motif Programmer's Reference, Release 1.2 for a thorough overview of Motif WML.


WML file structure

A WML file consists of the following components:


Unassigned Catalog

The Unassigned Catalog displays items that correspond to classes created using the WML editor. It serves as a reminder that these items should be placed in a catalog in order to have them appear when the Builder Xcessory is started and reads in your newly-created files. This catalog offers a more limited set of operations appropriate to its nature as a temporary placeholder for icons.

Editing the Catalog

You edit the catalog on the main screen (Figure 1 on page 56), setting it up as you want it to appear when Builder Xcessory is run. You can load an existing catalog (and save it independently), or create your own catalog. The interface shows the catalog in the outline form, with menus representing the catalog as a whole and the groups within it. Within a group, items are shown.


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