Window Data Access Functions

VkSimpleWindow and VkWindow classes support the following data access functions:

  • mainWindowWidget()

    Returns the XmMainWindow widget created by the window constructor. Often, you use mainWindowWidget() to obtain a parent widget for creating a view widget or component. Use this function to access and configure the window's XmMainWindow widget. For example, ViewKit window classes configure the window's XmMainWindow widget to not display scrollbars (by default). Use mainWindowWidget() to obtain the XmMainWindow widget, then XtSetValues(3) to enable scrollbars.

    virtual Widget mainWindowWidget() const

  • viewWidget()

    Returns the widget currently installed as the window's view.

    virtual Widget viewWidget() const

  • visible()

    Returns TRUE if window is currently displayed and FALSE if hidden.

    Boolean visible() const

  • iconic()

    Returns TRUE if the window is currently iconified and FALSE if not.

    Boolean iconic() const