ViewKit ObjectPak Programmer's Guide Table of Contents

ViewKit ObjectPak

ViewKit ObjectPak Elements

Using ViewKit and X and OSF Motif Functions

Compiling and Linking ViewKit Programs

Getting Started

ViewKit Components

Definition of a Component

VkComponent Class

Component Resource Support

ViewKit ObjectPak Callback Support

Deriving Subclasses to Create New Components

Application Class

Overview of VkApp Class

VkApp Constructor

Running ViewKit ObjectPak Applications

ViewKit ObjectPak Event Handling

Exiting ViewKit ObjectPak Applications

Managing Top-Level Windows

Setting Application Cursors

Supporting Busy States

Maintaining Product and Version Information

Application Data Access Functions

Deriving Classes From VkApp

ViewKit Windows

ViewKit Window Support

Window Class Constructors

Window Class Destructors

Creating the Window Interface

Manipulating Windows

Window Data Access Functions

Menu Bar Support

Deriving Window Subclasses

Creating Menus

ViewKit Menu Support

ViewKit menu Base Class

Using ViewKit Menu Subclasses

Undo Management and Command Classes

Undo Management

Command Classes

Using Dialogs

ViewKit ObejectPak Dialog Management

ViewKit ObjectPak Dialog Class

ViewKit ObjectPak Dialog Base Class

Using the ViewKit ObjectPak Dialog Subclasses

Preference Dialogs

Overview of ViewKit ObjectPak Preference Dialogs

ViewKit Preference Item Base Class

ViewKit Preference Item Classes

ViewKit Preference Dialog Class

Graph Component

ViewKit ObjectPak Graphs

ViewKit Node Class

ViewKit ObjectPak Graph Class

Miscellaneous Display Classes

ViewKit Support for Double-Buffered Graphics

Tick Marks for Scales

Management Classes

Data Input Classes

Check Box Component

Radio Check Box Component

Tab Panel Component

Text Completion Field Component

Repeating Button Component

Management Classes for Controlling Component and Widget Operation

ToolTalk Concepts

Overview of ViewKit ObjectPak's ToolTalk Support

Establishing a Connection to the ToolTalk Service

Sending and Receiving ToolTalk Messages

Supporting Messaging in Application Windows

Supporting Messaging in Components

Registering Services for Autostart

Troubleshooting Checklist

Contributed Classes

ViewKit ObjectPak Meter Component

ViewKit ObjectPak Pie Chart Component

ViewKit ObjectPak Outline Component


Using a Help System

User Interfaces to the Help System

ViewKit's Programmatic Interface to a Help Library

ViewKit ObjectPak help Library

ObjectPak Support for Building Help