Database Xcessory Tour


Welcome to Database Xcessory (DX), the premier application development tool for Motif developers.

Database Xcessory represents a radical new approach to rapid application development: one that delivers all the advantages of visual, drag-and-drop development with none of the disadvantages of traditional 4GL tools.

That's because Database Xcessory is not a 4GL, but a "data aware" toolkit that generates readable, extensible and easily maintainable C or C++ code. DX fits into your application in the same way as any Xt-based widget set. And because it utilizes native database drivers, your applications are assured of maximum performance and flexibility.

Using DX, you can:

  • Work in a highly productive, visual environment.
  • Build data-aware applications simply by dragging and dropping widgets.
  • Customize applications by editing widget resources instead of writing code.
  • Switch between Oracle, Informix and Sybase databases without rewriting code.
  • Use object-oriented design techniques with or without an object-oriented language.
  • Maximize the productivity of large work groups.
  • And much, much more!

About this tour

This tour is designed to give new users a 40 minute overview of product features. It also includes an in-depth tutorial designed to build practical, hands-on DX expertise.

Take the full tour by clicking the 'Next Stop of the Tour' link at the bottom of each page. You can also jump to any section of the tour by clicking on the main menu. Note that any section of the tour can be printed by using the File/Print option on your HTML browser (click on the right frame first.)

  • Getting Started-- An introduction to DX tools and screens.
  • DX Widgets -- A description of all DX widgets.
  • Database Jumpstart -- Create a data-aware application in four easy steps. 
  • Behind The Scenes -- Customize applications to meet your exact needs.
  • DX Tips and Tricks-- Callbacks, data validation, QBE & other advanced features.
  • In-Depth Tutorials -- Six hands-on tutorials cover progressively more advanced material. 
  • Contact ICS -- We're here to help.
  • Installation Notes -- Everything you need to get up and running.