Open Motif Downloads

Commercial Motif Licenses and Support Available

This page provides downloads for the LGPL licensed version of Motif. There is also a commercial version available. In addition, ICS offers technical support for Motif to help keep your mission critical application running.

The best use of this function is to ONLY select the version of Open Motif you would like and then click APPLY

This will give you a drilled down list of the available architecture and distribution environments available for that version of Open Motif. Not all versions of Open Motif correspond with every itemized architecture and distribution setting listed herein. Once the table opens and you find the correct download, you will want to select, then click on the proper file under the download column and it will automatically download.

Not every version has a corresponding distribution or architecture. We recommend that you filter by version first.

Select any filter and click on Apply to see results