Support Available for Motif 2.3.4

If you are using Motif, you are likely using it because you have a mission critical application that requires 24x7-uptime. Although you might not have changed your application recently, as your system environment continues to evolve situations may arise when you will need immediate support. This is where ICS can help. We provide support for Motif and our technical team can respond quickly to any Motif failure, regardless of its source. Don't wait until it's too late, contact us now to learn how to protect your systems and get the support you need to keep your application running.


Commercial Licenses to Motif 2.3.4 Available


The availability of Motif under the LGPL license is great news for the Motif community. However, not all organizations are comfortable using software provided under an Open Source license because:

  • Due to misunderstanding of the license or human errors, proprietary software could inadvertently come under Open Source license rules and your company could be forced to publish its source code.
  • Open Source licenses lack “Indemnification” for infringing on the intellectual property of a third party.
  • The requirement that the “user” could replace the software licensed under the LGPL is unacceptable in mission critical or highly regulated industries such as aerospace or medical devices.
  • Some operating environments require static linking (e.g. real time) and complying with the requirements of the LGPL to allow replacement of the library by a third person could be technically difficult to achieve.

ICS is all too familiar with the risks and rewards that can come from using Open Source and we have the solution. We can offer a commercial license for Motif on any UNIX or Linux platform that allows for corporate compliance and makes your job easier. Before you begin your next project, contact us to learn more about commercial licensing and our very reasonable license fees.

Motif Released as Open Source Software Under LGPL v2.1

Updated Version of Motif 2.3.4 Now Available on SourceForge and at the Newly Updated ICS MotifZone

Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) is pleased to announce that Motif 2.3.4 has been released under LGPL v2.1. Motif is a freely available source code distribution for the Motif user interface component toolkit. Motif 2.3.4 is an updated version of Open Motif 2.3 and is a major bug fix release.

Source code is available on SourceForge. Binaries are also available for the following operating systems on SourceForge and the ICS MotifZone:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Fedora
  • Ubuntu