xorg 7.5 breaks openmotif's mwm

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xorg 7.5 breaks openmotif's mwm

Submitted by karsten on Sat, 08/28/2010 - 21:57. General Questions

It seems that since a recent update to xorg (7.5) mwm no longer functions correctly.

For example, if you click between two windows, the whole of xorg will seemingly freeze.
Clicking the title boarders seems fine, it is only when you click the window contents.

Any solutions, patches or information would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,

Karsten Pedersen


Noticed this too. I am glad it wasn't just me. FreeBSD is where I noticed it first. Debian uses a slightly older xorg so no issues there.


Yeah, since FreeBSD 8.1 RELEASE I have had this problem.

Since the development isn't very active on open-motif, I don't know if this will be fixed :(

The LessTif mwm is unfortunately too buggy so I rely heavily on open-motif's mwm.

I do hope someone can fix this! Please contact me if I can be of any help.


Does the problem still exist ?
maybe it is best to report it an xorg@freedesktop.org also.

Perhaps this is more a regression in Xorg that in motif.


This was an Xorg regression and has been fixed for quite some time. (xorg in FreeBSD ports snapshot now includes the fix). However sometimes the bug does crop up from time to time for people using old distros.

If anyone is unable to update their Xorg for some reason, simply use the following modification to the mwm source code to prevent the freeze.


void DoExplicitSelectGrab (Window window)

WmGrabButton (DISPLAY, FOCUS_SELECT_BUTTON, 0, window,
- False, ButtonReleaseMask, GrabModeSync, GrabModeSync, None,
+ False, ButtonReleaseMask | ButtonPressMask, GrabModeSync, GrabModeSync, None,

} /* END OF FUNCTION DoExplicitSelectGrab */