Port for cygwin ?

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Port for cygwin ?

Submitted by becker on Fri, 02/18/2005 - 18:13.


I have a motif application, which is running fine under Linux openmotif, but has problems with lesstif. Now, I want to compile it under cygwin. Unfortunately, there is only lesstif, but no openmotif.

Did one of you compile openmotif already for cygwin? Any hints?

Thanks in advance


Sun, 02/20/2005 - 00:27#1

Sun, 02/20/2005 - 00:27#1


Port for cygwin ?

I just ran ./configure followed by make. It built libXm.a ok which is all I cared about. The only problem when linking with my app is there was no readdir_r in my gcc libc so I hacked one from readdir.

Thu, 08/07/2008 - 06:20#2

Thu, 08/07/2008 - 06:20#2


Any news yet? Re: Port for cygwin ?

Hi Folks,

any news yet on an OpenMotif-Port for cygwin? I am in need since lesstif does not do it for me, unfortunately.

I ported a decades old app from SGI over to LINUX and now try to get it to work on Win with cygwin/x. No deal, since the XMT library, that this app uses, won't work with lesstif.

My point is:
Why does the OpenMotif-Code itself contain in a lot of places "#ifdef __CYGWIN__" Preprocessor-statements, if it is not allowed to port it? Obviously, people (who can) do so and even check in their code.