OpenMotif 2.3 XmList performance

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OpenMotif 2.3 XmList performance

Submitted by jgwilding on Tue, 01/27/2009 - 19:18.


Has anyone noticed a reduction in XmList performance with OM 2.3? We recently updated the OS in our enviroment to CentOS release 5.2, which packages these:


Previously we had been running Centos 4.4 which had,


With the change, we've noticed that one of our GUI's that has a fairly dynamic XmList updates much more slowly than before, so much so that the list items flicker as they are updated.

We installed the openmotif22-2.2.3-18 package in the Centos 5.2 environment and are able to use the old Centos 4.4 binary, but i'm curious as to why there is such a noticeable difference in the XmList performance.