function to create a directory or rename a file

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function to create a directory or rename a file

Hi folks,


I'm using XmCreateFileSelectionDialog and it works fine but I'm wondering if I can add a button or something to give the user an easy way to rename a file. Another issue is the ability to recreate or rename directories.

I'm sure there must be an easy way to do this.



Additional  children  may  be

Additional  children  may  be  added to the FileSelectionBox after creation.  FileSelectionBox inherits the layout functionality provided by SelectionBox for any additional children. Just create a children of the FileSelectionBox and manage it.

I have done this in the past

I have done this in the past by an event handler to handle mouse3 clicks, popping a popup menu with items such as "rename", "delete", "add directory", etc.

Note that Motif itself provides no functions for renaming, creating, or deleting files or directories. These are implementation-specific. Note also that such actions may be refused by shell or system settings.


Fred K